Kylie Jenner Eyeshadow Review: Sweet Peach Vs Royal Peach

Which will you be purchasing?

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Ever since the overwhelming success of Too Faced Cosmetics’ “Sweet Peach Palette,” nectar colored beauty products have been popping up everywhere.

The popular palette was originally created as a limited edition summer item last year. Containing 18 colors, the palette is not only infused with peach essence, but is also peach scented. It sold out so quickly, and was still in such high demand, founder Jerrod Blandino had it re-released back in December along with a whole peachy collection. The collection includes lip glosses, highlighters, and a nectarine colored blush.

Recently, TV personality and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has created “The Royal Peach Palette” for her company Kylie Cosmetics. It contains 12 pressed powder eyeshadows, a mirror, and a chic white and copper brush. The Palette’s first release was yesterday, and sold out in a snap.

While there’s only a $4 difference between the palettes, (The Royal Peach Palette retails at $45, while the Sweet Peach Palette costs $49), purchasing both could burn a bit of a hole in your pocket.

So which one reigns supreme?

First, let’s check out the swatches.

Swatches #TheRoyalPeachPalette

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Kylie’s palette appears richly pigmented, and has a diverse selection of colors. Mixed with the sparkling peaches is a stark blue, and golden mint shade.

The Too Faced palette has every shade of peach from light to dark, and a multitude of brown shades. The pigment seems perfect on every skin color.

Now let’s browse some looks created by each palette.

Youtube beauty guru and cosmetics creator Jeffree Star recently reviewed the Royal Peach Palette, and created a colorful summery look using a variety of the colors.


@jeffreestar's Royal Peach look ????????

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Youtuber Xsparkage (Known as Leesha) created a sunset on her eyes using the Sweet Peach Palette’s purple and gold shades.

While the Sweet Peach Palette’s 18 shades actually smell like peaches and contain a natural mix of shimmers and mattes, Kylie’s Royal Peach Palette explore pinks, lavenders, and that wild royal blue smack in the center.

So which one will you be getting? Either way, these pleasantly peachy palettes will leave you in a never-ending state of summer once you’ve swiped them over your lids.

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