Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

The social media mogul turned makeup-guru has revealed yet another new collection, this time geared towards Valentine’s Day.

Following her own trend of releasing holiday-themed collections, Kylie Jenner has already unveiled to her Snapchat followers that there will be a Valentine’s Day collection. Included in her story were swatches of shades both old and new.

This Valentine’s Day Lip Kit will feature a six-piece set of mini liquid lipsticks – three of them being reappearances of the popular shades Mary Jo K, Posie K, and Maliboo. The other three – the warm-peach colored Apricot, the cool pink High Maintenance, and the berry-colored Head Over Heel – will debut for the first time with the rest of the collection in February. Not included in the set is the new Lip Kit shade, accurately called Valentine, which is a bright pink shade.

Perhaps the most surprising part of Jenner’s big reveal was the palette she calls ‘Kylie’s Diary.’ In addition to featuring a combination of nine shimmery and matte shadows, the palette will feature never before seen Kylie Cosmetic blushes.

Finally, Kylie made the new line perfect for gift-giving, with the inclusion of a ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ label on the back of every box. She also is releasing Valentine’s gift boxes that include both a mini shadow palette, featuring two colors that are exclusive to the Valentine’s collection, and two lip products. There are three different boxes: the peach and gold-based Kiss Me mini collection, the champagne and pink Sweetheart mini collection, and the burgundy-themed Smooch mini collection.

Everything from the Valentine’s Day collection will be available on her website,, on February 2nd at 3 p.m. PST.

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