Storybook Cosmetics Movies Collaboration

Storybook Cosmetics is bringing you more magical makeup!

Photo by Ollie Millington

All of your favorite movies are turning into makeup!

Storybook Cosmetics, the brand responsible for the infamous Harry Potter wand makeup brushes, is back with some big product news!

Earlier this week, the company began a series of special announcements on their Instagram page, hinting at some MAJOR new launches coming up in 2017.

In addition to a Harry Potter eyeshadow palette, which will be bound in a realistic spell book packaging, the company surprised all with their newest official collaborations: The Hunger Games and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Just like the Harry Potter spellbook palette, these eyeshadows will be packaged in their own respective storybook covers.

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette will feature 12 colors ranging from metallic, to mattes, to shimmery pearlescent. Though we won’t be able to relish in this one until summer, it’s not hard to imagine what crazy candy inspired colors will be appearing in this collection. Will there be an Everlasting Gobstobber color? Or one as chocolatey as Mr. Wonka’s river itself? Only time will tell.

And what could be in store for the Hunger Games launch? Perhaps some earthy tones for District 12 Katniss? Wild, unique shades to represent the outlandish style of the Capitol? All that’s known for sure is that these products won’t last long when they finally make their big debuts, as the Harry Potter wand brushes literally sold out in a snap. They will be available on later this year.

OFFICIAL "The Hunger Games" Collaboration. Coming 2017! May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

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What do you think of these new collaborations! Are you excited?

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