Sephora Launches #NeverStop Ad Campaign

The popular makeup store releases a campaign featuring women of all backgrounds feeling their most beautiful

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A customer can present themselves with either bold or simple makeup beauty choices and still shop at the same place. Sephora has become the go-to store to purchase all types of beauty products ranging at various price points. With this idea of catering to all style choices, the brand wanted to showcase that they are inclusive of all diverse individuals wearing it.

Their newest campaign, #NeverStop features women of all ages, races and backgrounds feeling like their best selves by wearing beauty products tailored to each wonderful personality.

Whether it’s embracing the idea of grey hair or strutting down the street in electric blue lipstick, Sephora is creating the concept of acceptance so many look for in a brand.

Since the title of the campaign is a tag that can be used on social media, everyone has the opportunity to join in on the movement. A simple post or picture with the inclusion of the hashtag will have the brand circling the internet, which gives the company even more exposure.

Allison Stiefel, vice president of campaign and marketing at Sephora, said that since the majority of their shoppers are on Facebook and Instagram, it gives the company an opportunity to give customers a chance to participate in the positivity being promoted.

The campaign having just launched, has room for a ton of growth for the future. By promoting the idea of standing together, Sephora is creating a strong bond with all customers.

#NeverStop staying true to you.

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