Get Funky with a “Bandanacure!”

Give Your Nails a Unique Twist by Getting a “Bandanacure”

Selena Gomez is back from her break and everyone is happy about it. She has started her bounceback strong by grazing the cover of her first American Vogue magazine. Gomez looked stunning on the cover, and upon the release of the magazine, she started a new nail trend that everyone is craving, bandana patterned nails.

Wearing @coach for @voguemagazine !!

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I call it getting a “bandanacure” (get my play on words there). Bandanas are resurfacing once again. Once a popular trend in the 2000’s, bandanas were worn as neck accessories, tightly woven around the neck resembling an ascot. Today, bandanas are being worn as scarves and are being designed on nails.

Bandana nails inspired by @anothernailinthecoffin #nails #nailart #bandananails #paisleynails #paisley

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The paisley pattern was first created by Tom Bachik, who designed Gomez’s nails during her American Vogue shoot. Upon the release of the cover, viewers became obsessed with the funky floral pattern that surprisingly enough, isn’t too hard to replicate. Finally, a beauty trend that’s attainable!


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Bandana nails are perfect to wear to any party, a night out with friends, or during the summer months (which cannot come soon enough). They’re cute, adorable, and add a unique dimension to any outfit. I don’t know about you, but the next time I head to the nail salon, I’m asking for a “bandanacure.”

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