Want Freckles? Now You Can Get Them Tattooed On Your Face

One of the Most Bizarre Beauty Trends yet has Becoming Insanely Popular, Tattooed Freckles

When a teenager turns 17 the first thing they want to go out and do, is to get a tattoo. Popular tattoos are typically flowers, crosses, names, dates, and…..freckles? Yes, you heard me correctly, freckle tattoos. According to the beauty world, this trend has become so immensely popular that I wouldn’t be surprised if teens started asking their parents, “Hey mom and dad, can I please get freckle tattoos?”


The Instagram beauty trend started out small but is gaining popularity by the minute. It puts the truth behind the saying “you want what you can’t have.” Ain’t that the truth. Clear complexioned persons are wanting speckled faces (which I’m not exactly sure why since I’d give my left arm to have a perfectly clear, freckleless face). The freckle tattooing process is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses natural pigments to dot your face to give it a naturally “freckled” look.


The great thing about this procedure and cosmetic tattooing in general, is that it’s only semi-permanent. The freckles will only last about two years until you have to get them reapplied. So if the freckle trend doesn’t last, your tattooed freckles will fade over time. You can go back to your clear complexion look, lucky you.


For all my people with natural freckles out there, this trend can be for you as well. People with natural freckles go get their freckles enhanced with tattooing ink to get a bolder, darker look.


This beauty trend may not be for everyone, but for those of you who do decide to try this one out, we will be jealous of your adorable frecks. And for all the original freckled faces out there, embrace your natural frecks because it’s about time freckles were in fashion. God knows we’ve waited long enough!

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