Get The Look: Lily Collins’ Negative Space Liner

Makeup artist Fiona Stiles teaches you how to achieve this modern take on winged liner.

Lily Collins debuted a new makeup trend at Vanity Fair’s Oscar After Party earlier this week. The Negative Space eyeliner trend consists of a typical flicked-out liner, but instead of filling in the shape of the actual wing, you leave it blank. The look is a simple way to change up a typical makeup look, and give it a futuristic flair.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Collins’ makeup artist for this look, makeup creator Fiona Stiles, shared her secrets with People Style on achieving the perfect negative space liner for yourself.

She decided to try this look on Lily because while she is a classic beauty, she’s also got a very modern flair to her.

“If you aren’t really paying attention, and looking her in the eyes when you’re talking to her, you’ll miss the whole point,” Stiles says of the simple yet avant-garde look.

Photo by John Shearer
Photo by John Shearer

The first tip she gives is to keep as steady a hand as possible. This look is all about crisp, clear lines and one wrong flick of the wrist will leave it looking shaky. Stiles suggests resting your elbow down on a table so as to lighten the weight of your hand and give it more control.

Next, take a sharpened black pencil liner, and very lightly sketch the outline of the wing. This gives you something to start with, and pencil liners are a lot easier to re-shape and wipe off than liquids. “Then I went over it with a liquid liner,” Stiles says, almost like tracing over a pencil drawing with a marker.

As Stiles knows, wings do not always come out picture perfect. That’s why she’ll take a bit of concealer to clean up around the edges of the liner to make it look sharper than it actually came out. This trick will save you from having to wipe off and re-do a not-so-even line. She says the liner look done on Lily took around 15 minutes to make, so don’t try to rush perfection. Especially on a look like this, which requires a very thin-pointed eyeliner so as to leave a wide space inside of the wing.

Photo by Gregg DeGuire
Photo by Gregg DeGuire

And lastly, Stiles comments on everyone’s typical eyeliner problem. “They will never ever be perfectly even,” she says, but assures that slight differences between the liner is nearly ever noticed by anyone other than the artists themselves. “…I embrace the imperfections, as long as I’m the only one who can pick them out!”

Stiles says Collins LOVED the new take on traditional winged liner. “She said it was maybe her favorite makeup look ever, which just makes my heart feel so full and proud,” she says.

Confidence on the red carpet is key, and with a very modern, different look as this, Collins slayed the game.

What do you think of the negative space liner trend? Would you try it?


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