New Too Faced Glitter Palette Sneak Peek

Photo by annelven

2017 has truly been the year of the unicorn, with so many magically iridescent and glittery products being churned out by every major beauty brand. And if you weren’t ready to sparkle and shine before, wait until you see Too Faced’s newest upcoming eyeshadow palette, aptly titled “Glitter Bomb.”

If you’re not already, it’s a great idea to follow Too Faced Co-creator Jerrod Blandino on Instagram, who usually gives his eager followers little sneak peaks into new launches for the brand. Now let’s get back to that palette.

First of all, holy shine! The sparkle radiating off of these bright and beautiful colors is almost unimaginable. The four shades on top all seem to be different variations of purple, which will bring out any eye color. Though they are all the same color, the hues are very different and have other subtle colors mixed in. For example, “Fairy Dust” is very pearly with a tiny hint of lavender. “Glitter Goals” seems to have some dark blue speckled through it. The bottom row consists of a gorgeous pale pink, a correlating hot, HOT pink, a fiery orange that reminds me of cinnamon gum, and a stunning turquoise. So right off the bat, this palette has very wearable colors that can all be combined together to create a very vivid fairy look. This set is definitely made for pairing with your Unicorn Tears lipstick.

Though we’ve definitely seen glitter palettes from other brands in the past, this one is pretty unique. It comes with a “brightening and darkening base” in black and white. These are meant to be used under the glitter shadows to make them stand out and truly appear as colorful on your lids as in their packaging. It is still unclear whether or not the white and black shades are cream or powder shadows. Either way, I can’t wait to see future swatches of these stand-out colors!

“The Glitter Bomb” palette will be coming in June, and plans to “revolutionize your Glitterization.”



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