Snogging: 2017’s Strangest Lipstick Trend Yet

2017 Brings Yet Another Unusual Lipstick Trend Known As Snogging

Beauty brands and makeup manufacturers have spent years perfecting lipstick that will not budge outside a person’s lip lines, but the beauty community takes another unusual turn and no one is sure if it’s for better or worse. Things are about to get messy up in here because snogging has become the new fad within the makeup industry. What is snogging you may ask? Snogging is the British term for making out, and what happens when you’re participating in a liplock, well you’re lipstick smears everywhere. This lip look is quite literally, a hot mess.

Ex makeup artist, Val Garland, created the “snogging” lip look that has thrown beauty enthusiasts for a loop. Everything about makeup as been scientifically altered to achieve ultimate makeup perfection, but this look flips the script. Garland introduced the new lip style during London Fashion Week. The goal was to create a hot, steamy, smudged lip look as if a woman had an intense hook-up. Garland interviewed with Vogue¬†and said the look is all “about kissing and snogging. This girl goes clubbing, she’s confident and she loves kissing.”

To achieve snogging lips, Garland revealed that she uses MAC’s Lip Mix and smeared the product outside of the defined lip line. By using a brush, she rubbed the smeared sections to achieve a buffed appearance on the outer parts of the lip. To add drama, Garland applied a shiny gloss within the normal lip line to finish off the snog effect.

In runway history, lips have never been as messy and unkempt as Garland’s models’. The risque, childish, and sexual vibes from the look create an entirely new perspective for how makeup can be worn. Garland is taking makeup to a level where it can not only hide a woman’s discrepancies, or enhance the physical beauty of a woman, but embrace the negative differences that each woman concentrates on. Hopefully, Garland as well as other artists, lead society to an awakening where makeup doesn’t always achieve perfection, but rather creativity. Makeup needs to be what every woman wants her makeup to be, and Garland is taking society one step closer to this.

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