Tarte Is About To Release A Full Unicorn Collection!

TAKE ALL MY MONEY! It’s going to be a magical Spring.

Photo by Gail Shumway

Tarte has really been upping their game this season, with the recent release of a whole set of new products including vegan deodorant, hydrating lipsticks, and cream highlighters. Not to mention the fun pastel packaging that alone will make you want to purchase everything.

But put all of that aside for a moment; Tarte has jumped aboard the magic train of sparkles and sunshine and announced the release of a Unicorn inspired collection!

You may have seen these too-precious-to-be-real unicorn horn makeup brushes floating around social media for quite some time now. Not only are their handles gilded, but the actual brush hairs themselves are all different shades of pastel. These babies are completely vegan. While the brushes have been long-awaited, beauty lovers had NO IDEA they would bring along an entire collection of new products with them.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Tarte revealed a kaleidoscope-inspired eyeshadow palette packed with glittery new shades, and a pastel rainbow highlighter. Here’s a complete look at the full set.

#swatches @tartecosmetics Unicorn Collection Launches 3/15 no specific time. ???? SWIPE TOO SEE OTHER PICS The eyeshadow palette is stunning! She made a gorgeous eye look! all the colors seemed really pigmented and applied easily. I'm really surprised at the color of the highlighter I didn't expect it to have that little bit of shift, you can really see it on deeper skin tones. ???????????????? You know tarte is sneaky and they always have more than what they say. I was watching their Snapchat the one thing she kept repeating was "theres so much more I want to show you" & "lots of good stuff coming" so I don't know if there's more to the collection or things coming later. Super excited for this launch!! #newpretties #tarteunicorncollection #makebelieveinuourselfpalette #tarterainbowhighlighter #spellboundglowrainbowhighlighter #tarteunicornbrushes PC @tartecosmetics @popsugarbeauty update @makeupworldnews

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Stay tuned, to, because the new collection drops TOMORROW!


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