The Mask That Finally Clears Acne?

Acne has always been something almost every single person go through at least once in their life and it’s as annoying as it sounds. Of course, teenagers get it the most because of puberty but acne also occur within adults, male or female and it could be moderate to severe. I was the unfortunate one to have severe acne growing up and I battled with it for years. Over the counter treatments didn’t work for me but after constant trips to my dermatologist, my skin was finally okay again. (Even though I still have acne scars, it’s better than pimples).

Once I heard about the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, I was really interested in what it could do. Here are a couple important points about the mask that I got from Neutrogena’s website:

  • Harness the power of light to treat mild to moderate acne.
  • Red light reduces inflammation.
  • Blue light kills bacteria.
  • Can be used every day.
  • For all skin types.
  • Can be used for only 30 sessions, then have to replace activator. (Mask can still be re-used)
  • 100% UV Free.
  • Chemical Free treatment.
  • Light Therapy Acne Mask $34.99
  • Mask Activator $14.99-$44.97

Although the Light Therapy Mask sounds very interesting, I’m a little thrown off by the fact that it could only be used for 30 sessions and then you have to go out and purchase a new activator that cost between $14.99-$44.97 (that’s almost more expensive than purchasing the whole mask in the first place). Despite that annoying aspect, I am very interested in the tech and would love to see how it works!


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