Stylish Study: Aftelier Perfumes Review

Smell Like Spring With These Luxury Scents

Bonjour my lovelies! Back again with another Stylish Study, but this time I’m going to give my two scents. (See what I did there?) Another day another review on what products to buy and which products to bypass along with the help of my fabulous product model, Savannah Ross.


The flawless crafter of concoctions, Mandy Aftel, creates fragrances from her collection of the purest, most natural essences of the earth. Each perfume bottle is beautifully blended by hand in her Berkeley, California Studio. I had the honor of working with her incredible team who provided me with samples of their most exquisite perfumes and elixirs. I want to say thank you for the kindness and cooperation of Mandy Aftel as well as the Aftelier Perfumes team. I’m eternally grateful for the Aftelier company in aiding me with this Stylish Study.

Eau De Parfum Sprays

I received samples of Amber Tapestry and Cuir de Gardenia scent sprays. I can easily say that I enjoyed the perfumes in the form of sprays the most just because I’m most familiar with that fragrance form. The great thing about the scent sprays is their lasting smell. You don’t have to use much of each to achieve the desired aroma either. Each perfume, I found, lasts for a few hours which is much longer than most manufactured perfumes. By far, handmade blends are more effective.


Amber Tapestry was my favorite out of the two just because it gives the aroma of a fresh garden mixed with satin. (That’s what came immediately to mind when I took a whiff.) It’s probably the most natural scented perfume I’ve ever smelled. This fragrance is perfect to wear to any outing, especially outdoors since it quite literally smells of spring.


Cuir de Gardenia was one of the most unique scents I’ve experienced. It gives off the aroma of indoor comfort. It smells as if you should be sitting in a leather chair, sipping tea while reading a classic novel. I wore this fragrance out to dinner as well as late night gatherings. It’s classy, sophisticated, yet charming. It has a heaviness to it that insinuates confidence and poise.


Sample –

Cuir de Gardenia – $7.00

Amber Tapestry – $7.00


Whole –

Cuir de Gardenia – $205.00

Amber Tapestry – $180.00

♦ Solid Perfumes

Honestly, I’ve never worn solid perfumes before, but there’s a first time for everything am I right? Well, I can happily say that I would wear solid perfumes again due to the positive experience I had with both the Wildflowers and Orchid scented solid fragrances. Each perfume scent is self-explanatory and was very versatile. Either fragrance could be worn at any time of day and made “sense.” What I particularly liked about the solid perfumes is that you could rub each fragrance onto your skin as if it were lotion. Therefore, the scent was very prominent wherever you applied it.


I really enjoyed the lasting effects of each since both perfumes lasted several hours. I experienced positivity with both and would highly recommend these scents to anyone who is looking for a perfume that’s long-lasting and can be worn during any time of day.



Sample – 

Orchid – $ 6.00

Wildflowers – $6.00


Whole –

Orchid – $240.00

Wildflowers – $240.00

♦ Liquid Perfumes

The opposite of solid perfumes is liquid fragrances. Liquid scents are very easy to use, but the downside to them is that a person can go through a lot of perfume in a short amount of time due to the liquidity of the solution. Although the liquid scenters would not be my preferred form of fragrance, the aromas of both were simply marvellous.


The scent, Vanilla Smoke, was to die for. It smells just like the vanilla you use to bake with (which is a magical smell in itself) accompanied by a hint of muskiness which is from the smoke aspect of the title. I wish this scent was sold in the form of a solid perfume, but honestly, I’d use liquid again just because the scent of it is very delightful.


Secret Garden was also a very pleasurable scent as well, but if I had to pick between the two, I would definitely go with Vanilla Smoke just because it’s very rich and deep. If you’re wanting a lighter, more airy scent, select Secret Garden because it has the perfect amount of balance between a soft floral scent and generic perfume-like aroma.


Sample –

Secret Garden – $6.00

Vanilla Smoke – $6.00


Whole –

Secret Garden – $180.00

Vanilla Smoke – $180.00

♦ Fragranced Organic Teas

I’m a coffee girl, what can I say. With seven billion Starbucks’ located so close to each other in proximity, the coffee corporation has gotten as bad as McDonald’s. But I ventured out and tried real tea for the first time and I must say, Aftelier has some pretty good ones.


First I made myself the Orange Cardamom Black Tea. I really enjoyed the flavoring of this tea just because I love orange scented or flavored anything. I found the tea itself very soothing and relaxing. This is definitely the kind of tea you make when you get home from work after a long day, snuggle up on the couch and watch movies while holding a steaming cup of tea. Ahhh the dream life right there.



The Rose Ginger Oolong Tea was not one that I particularly enjoyed just because I’m not a fan of ginger. If you like ginger then this tea is for you! I liked the richness of the tea and how flavorful it was. The taste of it was much more present than the Orange Cardamom Black Tea. This tea is very rich and dark tasting. It’s the kind of tea you drink when you get into a hot bath with candles lit all around you while you sink into the suds while a steaming cup of tea is just in reach of your little paradise.



Sample –

Orange Cardamom Black Tea – $4.00

Rose Ginger Oolong Tea – $4.00


Whole – 

Orange Cardamom Black Tea – $20.00

Rose Ginger Oolong Tea – $25.00

♦ Body Oils

Also called body elixirs, these body oils were an entirely new experience for me. I’ve always been interested in using body oils just because I’ve heard that they’re very healthy and naturally soothing for the skin. Using the body oils wasn’t my favorite product that was sent to me, but it was still a well-made commodity.


I first tested the Patch. Spice Body Oil. I really enjoyed the aroma of this one because it gave off a home-like scent, almost comforting. It just smelled very relaxing and pleasant, so I really liked using it.


The Chocolate Saffron Body Oil, however, was a scent I didn’t think could be a smell. It was very unusual but unusually agreeable. This scent isn’t for everyone, but if you like dark, rich fragrances then the Chocolate Saffron Body Oil is definitely for you. Personally, this oil is a little too strong for my liking, but like I said it takes a certain person to like this oil.


Sample –

Chocolate Saffron Body Oil – $4.00

Patch. Spice Body Oil – $4.00


Whole – 

Chocolate Saffron Body Oil – $50.00

Patch. Spice Body Oil – $50.00

These synthetic, paraben, glycol, and petrochemical free fragrances are definitely worthwhile. By far these perfumes are the most natural, fresh smelling scents I’ve ever used. I’d highly recommend Aftelier Perfumes to anyone and everyone. I want to thank the Aftelier Perfume company once again for sending me samples of Ms. Aftel’s incredible perfume and tea line. I hope that anyone who purchases Mandy Aftel’s products has as much of a positive experience as I did wearing her fragrance products.

Au Revoir!

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