Stylish Study: Luxy Premium Teeth Whitening Pen Review

The Pen That Makes Your Pearlies Whiter & Brighter

Bonjour beautifuls! I told y’all that my next Stylish Study was just around the corner. With so many products to test and so little time, it’s important for me to keep these babies rollin’ which is perfect for all my lovely readers.


Get your reading glasses because you’re going to read nothing but the truth. I’m 100% honest on what products to buy and which products to bypass along with the help of my fabulous product models, Isabella Martinez, Savannah Ross, and Lisette Martinez. So let’s kick this baby into high gear!

“A beautiful smile can change everything.” That was the phrase that was on the package I received a few weeks ago, and I instantly knew what was inside. Yes, you guessed it, teeth whitener. Luxy Whitening company sent me an entire box of teeth whitening pens which I wanted to test out pronto. Before I start, I want to thank Luxy Whitening company for their incredible generousity with sending me a large collection of pens. I would also like to give a huge thank you to Lucy Starr for working with me through this entire process and hooking me up with products. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the help from wonderful people such as yourselves.


♦ Luxy Premium Teeth Whitening Pen 

This ultra strength premium teeth whitening pen is a product I thoroughly enjoyed testing. I found it incredibly easy to use and it’s completely accessible. One thing I particularly loved about the pen is the casing around it. It literally looks like an expensive lipstick tube. Its metallic silver casing makes the product look high end, professional, and hides the fact that the contraption is teeth whitener. I loved this aspect about the pen just because no one wants other people to know they are using teeth whitener. By encasing the product in fashionable packaging, it gives the pen a more attractive appeal that makes the user more confident to use it in public. I felt totally comfortable using the pen in school, taking it to work, and throwing it in my purse for after dinner touchups when hitting the town for a night.


The usage capabilities of the pen are very accessible as well. To gain access to the whitening gel within the pen, the user simply takes the silvery cap off at one end of the pen, and turns the turn-crank at the other end of the pen until a clear gel starts to emerge at the tip of the brush. Once the gel is visible, the user glides the white bristles over the surface of all visible teeth towards the front of the mouth. Once the application is completed, you just snap the cap back on to the top of the pen.


I was surprised how easy it was to use. I’ve heard horror stories about the gruelling process of using whitening strips, and the painful procedure of people going to the dentist to get their teeth “professionally” whitened. I don’t know why people even bother with either of those options because if teeth whitening is as simple as swiping your teeth a few times with clear gel, well I wouldn’t bother trying anything else.


The Luxy Premium Teeth Whitening Pen’s purpose is to erase layers of stains on your teeth one application at a time. According to other Luxy pen users, results can be seen within three days. Some even see results after one application! I can safely say that after using the pen once, I experienced instant results. My teeth looked slightly whiter and brighter than before the application. In just minutes, I had whiter teeth. What?! That’s crazy!

The best part is that the Luxy Premium Teeth Whitening Pen is made in the USA, FDA approved, and the solution is completely identical to the whitening solution used at dental offices for deep stain cleaning. The pen whitens teeth while protecting your pearlies and, most importantly, your enamel. This was a very important aspect to me because protecting your teeth enamel is a MUST because it’s the number one factor in teeth maintenance.


Although I would highly recommend this product to anyone, there are downsides to it. One thing I didn’t enjoy was the taste of the gel. It’s not a horrible taste, it’s just unusual. It tastes like well water mixed with metal. Not exactly the most appetizing taste in the world, but it’s definitely tolerable.

I also didn’t appreciate the wait time after applying the gel. It’s recommended that you let the gel dry for about two minutes to ensure maximum effectiveness. I found it to be a struggle keeping my mouth open for a solid two minutes without having my lips or tongue touching my teeth. After about thirty seconds, I was desperately attempting to suck in spit to prevent myself from drooling everywhere. I probably looked like an idiot, but it’s the price to pay for whiter teeth and I was 100% willing to pay that price.


The Luxy Premium Teeth Whitening Pen is totally worth your money. It’s highly effective, easily accessible, and gets the job done after the first use! I seriously cannot think of another product that promises that, and actually works after a single use. If you want an easy and affordable way to attain whiter teeth, I highly recommend you hit up Luxy because I guarantee that you will have as positive of an experience as I had with using their phenomenal whitening products.

Price – $20.99

Product Site –

I would like to give one last shout out to the Luxy Whitening company once again for providing me with the products for this Stylish Study. I thank my lucky stars every day for all the support I’ve received from my viewers and from the various beauty companies I’ve worked with. Although this Stylish Study has come to an end, there are more to come, don’t you worry. Keep on the lookout my beauties!

Au Revoir! 

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