Cameron Dallas on His Beauty Routine

Cameron Dallas is the latest star to be part of photographer Mario Testino’s Towel Series.

In this unique series, Testino features photos from different celebrities and influencers who pose in nothing but towels and bathrobes. Kristen Stewart, Naomi Campbell, and Gigi Hadid are among the many celebrities who have worked with Testino.

In Testino’s YouTube video “Under the Towel,” Dallas reveals his beauty regime and some very helpful tips.

One of the first things that Dallas does in the morning is dunk is face in ice cold water 100 times. Not only is this a quick way to wake you up, but the freezing water also helps to depuff your face.

Dallas also uses a popular Chinese skin-care tool which has been around since the 7th century-a jade roller. The roller provides a soothing effect while also depuffing the face and helping erase dark eye circles.


Dallas also explains how he is a fan of using environmental-friendly products with natural ingredients. His assistant know how to mix essential minerals and oils that help his skin “glow.”

“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face,” Dallas says. “I’m really big on using products that don’t have anything harmful to the environment—you know, methane and just fumes from gas and things like that.”

He also says that one of the most important ways to have healthy skin is to keep it hydrated. “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.”

Watch Dallas’ full interview below:

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