Estée Lauder Discontinues Estée Edit

Only after one year, Estée Lauder is discontinuing its cosmetic and skin-care brand Estée Edit.  The Estée Edit brand was launched to target it millennial customers.  The remaining sales of the brand’s products will be sold at Sephora until September.

Estée Luader’s CEO, Fabrizio Freda, in recent interviews has been very honest about how the Estée Lauder company has been focusing on their millennial customers and creating products for them.  As well as, using social media to target the specific audience.

“The consumer can expect much more participation from our brands in social media engagement, digital marketing, paid social media and, most importantly, the aspect of unpaid [user-generated] social media.”

The company’s strategies have been very evident. For the past couple of years the brand has used Kendall Jenner as their spokesperson, attracting an enormous millennial audience.

However, perhaps this was not enough for the Estée Edit brand.  In its first year of sales, Estée Edit barely met up to its $60 million sales standards.  Estée Lauder does not see the discontinuation of Estée Edit as a lost.  The beauty company is just picking its battles wisely.

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