How to Do Wonderwoman Make-Up: Details from Sarah Brock

It’s no secret that Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman has become a box office success and a favorite among audiences. As the lead heroine, Gal Gadot has captivated moviegoers with her brilliant acting and natural beauty.

In an interview with PeopleStyle, Sarah Brock, Gadot’s makeup artist, described the techniques she used when creating Gadot’s makeup look for the big screen. Brock opted to use small amounts of cream based products which she would apply with her fingers and blend into the actress’ skin in order for the makeup to become part of her skin instead of sitting on top of it.

‘I apply cream bronzers and blush after foundation and then I’d add fine powder formulas at the end of the makeup if I wanted more definition for filming,’ Brock told PeopleStyle.

To make Gadot’s skin glow, Brock used the Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheeck Color in Venice Beach Bronze and Stila’s Convertable Dual Lip & Cheek Cream in Lillium. For a hydrated rosy lip, Brock chose the Chanel Rogue COCO Baume and the Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick.

When it came to Gadot’s body makeup, Brock only used moisturizer to keep Gadot’s skin hydrated and very little body contour to intensify Gadot’s natural body structure. Brock kept the body makeup to a minimum because ‘Gal’s body is in amazing shape because of all of the training she did before and during filming,’ she shared with PeopleStyle.

For those who want to try this makeup look, Brock advises people to avoid large amounts foundation. Instead, Brock suggests to apply ‘a light foundation base and then go in with concealers and correctors after to add more coverage where needed’ in order to prevent the makeup from looking ‘heavy and cakey.’

Brock expressed her admiration for the actress. ‘Everything about working with Gal was truly amazing,’ she says. ‘Not only is she the ultimate professional when it comes to being an actor (some of the conditions we filmed in were tough & she never complained once) – she has the most kind, most caring, beautiful soul – she truly is everything Wonder Woman embodies,’ she told PeopleStyle.

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