Kim Kardashian Is Not Proud Of Her Old Makeup Looks

When we look at Kim Kardashian over the years of her Kardashian Empire, we can all agree that her makeup techniques have improved. Kardashian who has recently released her own cosmetics line, admits she is not proud of her old beauty techniques.

The reality TV show star wrote a post on her app where she talked about a makeup phase she went through in the early 2000s . Kim admitted she used to match her eyeshadow to her outfits, “I love a monochromatic look but this was so cheesy. In the early 2000s I would do a lot of bright colors, especially turquoise. I wore a turquoise top and turquoise eye makeup and even turquoise flower hair clips.”

Kim had even shared regretting the way she would wear spray tans. Old photos of Kim can be found where she is wearing spray tan that is a little too much on the orange side. She gave a tip on how she learned quickly that it’s better to exfoliate before a spray tan appointment. “Otherwise the spray tan will look blotchy and uneven, I also use spray tan mitts and scrub my whole body, so I’m completely exfoliated.”

Kim Kardashian has definitely made many feel better about old makeup looks their not proud of. Even celebrities whose makeup is perfect have had to practice to get to where they are now.

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