The Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream

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I recently discovered the cream of the crop, CC cream. I instantaneously fell in love with the cream and with my skin, all over again. But it also made me curious as to what “CC cream” actually is and whether or not it’s just BB cream’s cousin. Let’s start at the beginning.

BB Cream

BB cream first made waves in Korea, and then America followed quickly thereafter. BB cream is the foundation that many of our beauty routines have been built upon, and has saved this generation from the caked-on makeup look of our ancestors. If you’re not yet familiar with BB cream, it’s the light foundation with a creamy texture, like a tinted moisturizer. The BB stands for “beauty balm,” and the cream is basically the perfect marriage of makeup and skincare.

This lightweight foundation is considered the best tinted moisturizer to ever be invented. It’s packed with SPF, so as it moisturizes, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays. The Gel Complex formula glides on for a barely-there coverage that’s fresh and smooth.

What makes it unique? BB cream provides the least amount of coverage out of all the alphabet creams. It’s meant for a younger woman whose skin needs a pick-me-up, but doesn’t have a whole lot of problem areas.

I used Cover Girl’s BB cream and it still remains one of my favorite skin products.

Enter CC, for those with a little bit more problem areas. I recently switched from avid BB cream usage to using CC cream.

It all happened by accident really. I didn’t even know about CC creams existence (I am very behind, I know) until a few days ago, when I heard a co-worker mention the cream. To which I responded “I think you mean BB cream,” she meant CC cream. I took the plunge and I will never look back.

CC Cream

CC stands for “color correcting,” and this cream is designed to target areas of redness or dullness, where the skin is more uneven in tone. It provides more coverage than BB creams.

While CC cream does have all the benefits of a BB cream, it adds a few perks. First of all, it improves the skins elasticity, while covering and preventing any dark spots from appearing on the skin.

It’s packed with Vitamins C and E, which act as powerful anti-aging ingredients with the SPF to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also infused with fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6, to neutralize discolorations and blotchiness, and minimize inflammation.

My choice of CC cream is IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. This cream genuinely feels exactly like a moisturizer that just so happens to cover all your blemishes, without it even looking like you have makeup on.

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Two easy ways to remember the difference between CC cream and BB cream, is to think that “CC gives more CCoverage.” And categorize them in terms of age groups. BB cream is for younger women in their teens and early 20s, while CC cream is for those in their late twenties and 30s, who already have a set daily beauty regime.

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