This 10 Year Old’s Makeup Skills Are Better Than Yours

What if you created an Instagram page of something you loved, and ended up reaching a larger audience than you could ever imagine? This was the case for 10 year old Jack, who began his page with photos of his killer contour, glistening eyeshadows, and popping highlights that caught the attention of Instagrammers worldwide.

The UK native has over 69,000 followers on Instagram and millions of views on his Facebook tutorials, defying social norms and setting an example for boys to not be afraid of self-expression.

The elementary schooler posted a video on Facebook of his makeup tutorial, which hit 57 million views, with the caption “You walk in to your son doing this, wyd?” Tons of people commented to support (with the occasional haters) but that didn’t stop him from pursuing what he loved, and publishing more videos.

“I don’t usually condone children doing make up so early in their age but this is such pure talent! Keep doing what ur best at..this is amazing!” one fan commented.

Jack’s diverse makeup skills range from dark and sinister to bright and natural, with the occasional surprise of unique face art.

Despite Instagram’s age requirement of being 13 years old, Jack’s false lashes and bold lipsticks are an obvious exception!

In recent years, makeup guru’s like Bretman Rock, Manny MUA, and Patrick Star, all rose to fame and built their empires through Instagram, opening the door for other boys to follow in their footsteps and hone in on their makeup skills. We’re glad Jack could be a part of the movement!

Are you impressed by HIS makeup skills, because we sure are.












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