Mary Tyler Moore: Top Five Facts You Must Know

After the passing of the well-known actress, many recall the most cherished moments in her life.

After passing away from the hands of pneumonia, Mary Tyler Moore’s life is celebrated by her beloved family, friends and fans. Moore died on Jan 25, at the age of 80. Living a wondrous and event-filled life as a television and movie star, there is much to know about her. Shadowing her notable ventures, here are the top five facts relating to the actress several followed for decades.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

  1. Moore’s career didn’t launch in a glamourous fashion. At age 18, she aired on television as a dancing elf for a commercial on Hotpoint appliances. Although known as successful advertising, Moore had to end the commercials after she became pregnant with her son.
  2. However, after founding MTM Enterprise Inc. with her second husband Grant Tinker, the Mary Tyler Moore show was produced and became a milestone in her career. The show not only earned Moore a permanent place in the spotlight, but she was also recognized by the industry, winning a numerous number of awards.
  3. Moore was actually nominated for 18 awards for several television shows and movies. Sweeping the majority of the nominations, she earned a total of 10 in her lifetime.
  4. Using her celebrity status for good, Moore raised awareness on Type 1 Diabetes by being the international chairman for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Suffering from the disease herself, this was a way for the actress to cope with her struggles while also giving back to the community.
  5. The actress also wrote two memoirs. Her first one, After All, focused on her struggle with alcohol in her early age. Her second memoir, Second Growing Up Again: Life, Love and oh Yeah, Diabetes, was mainly centered around her struggle with Type 1 Diabetes.


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