Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Body In Risqué Photo

Jennifer Lopez Posts Most Risqué Picture Of Herself On Instagram


Jennifer Lopez, known to most of us as J. Lo, showed off her body in one of her most risqué posts on Instagram on Friday. The 47-year-old actress and pop sensation claimed she’s more mature now and really appreciates her body more. This “maturity” and “body appreciation” was clearly shown in her Insta post when she slid her pants down and pulled up her shirt to reveal her underboob.

Lopez displayed her confidence in a white tank top and white sweat pants with her hair woven into a long side braid. Her caption associated with the post was, “Getting this mind and body ready for Vegas” with hashtags including, “rehearsal flow,” “self-motivate,” and “February 8.”

J. Lo said that she never had the strong confidence in her body as she does now. In her 20’s, Lopez wasn’t comfortable with her figure. She seems to have this struggle behind her since she looks very poised and comfortable in her own skin in this social media post.

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