What you didn’t know about Kim Kardashian West’s Robbery

Kim Kardashian speaks out in detail in latest KUWTK episode

The Kardashian family has been in the reality show spotlight for the past 13 seasons, but nothing has been as dramatic or as heart-wrenching as last night’s episode. Kim Kardashian West lived for months in silence of the press after her Paris robbery, and last night was the first time she publicly spoke about in great length to her viewers.

Here are the top five facts you didn’t know about the tragedy according to her show last night.

She originally thought she was going to be raped.

She said that when she was originally getting tied up, the disguised gunman pulled her legs toward him. At the time she wasn’t wearing any clothes beneath what she already had. Although it was in that same instant that she thought she was going to be shot in the head instead when he lifted the gun up.

Kardashian West was found outside after the robbery.

Pascal Duvier, Kardashian West’s previous body guard, found her outside on the balcony hidden in a bush. She was so shaken up that she was practically naked and hiding outside.

She didn’t want her children to know what happened.

After the incident, she made the decision that she couldn’t cry or act differently in front of her kids. She didn’t want to make it apparent that there was definitely something wrong. The heightened security already raised suspicion.

West was dedicated to finding the attackers.

The thought of his wife passing away made it clear to him that he wanted the criminals caught immediately. He said if his wife was found dead, he wouldn’t rest until they weren’t alive either.


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