Allied 2016 Trailer – Brad Pitt & Marion Cottilard

Have you seen a new trailer – Allied (2016) with Brad Pitt and Marion Cottilard? It looks great!

Brad Pitt plays an intelligence officer who encountered a French Resistance fighter played by Marion Cottilard in North Africa. In the course of their joint mission, the two fall in love. The director is Robert Zemeckis who oftentimes works with Steven Spielberg, and who directed movies like Back to the Future Part I, II and III, Cast Away (2000), Forrest Gump, Gothika and others.

The movie is set in 1942, Casablanca. Pitt and Cottilard are working together to kill a German officer during the World War II. Lizzy Caplan, Matthew Good and Jared Harris are also part of the cast. The plot of this romantic drama was written by Steven Knight (Locke), who admits to being inspired by a true story that he’d heard when he was twenty-one.

“I worked one summer as a dishwasher in Texas. I went out with a girl whose aunt lived in Texas and liked telling about her brother, who during World War II worked for the British secret service and fell in love with the French spy. We always knew it’s a perfect plot for a movie. I can not believe we have such a wonderful cast and director. it’s a dream.”, said Steven Knight (Locke).

Allied is coming out on November 23, 2016. Check out the Allied trailer below.

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