Meet the Cast: Justice League Actors

Did you know Jared Leto grew up in a communal, that Gal Gadot serveIsraeli Defense Forces, that Jason Momoa is into Buddhism or what brought Ben Affleck fame? Meet the cast of Justice League.

Jared Leto – Joker in Justice League, is not only an actor but a musician as well. He is a lead singer in 30 seconds to Mars. He moved to Los Angeles to become a musician and at first, did acting jobs on the side. He oftentimes doesn’t come out of a character until filming is over. Leto grew up in a hippy like communal and says that, helped him express himself. His hobbies are painting, writing songs, snowboarding and hiking. Leto is a tech investor and has stocks in Uber, Reddit, Airbnb and others

Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman in Justice League, is an Israeli actress and made her acting debut in Fast & Furious, where she was performing her own stunts. She also love motorcycles and owns a black 2006 Ducati Monster-S2R. She represented Israel in 2004 Miss Universe pageant and served in Israel Defense Forces for two years. Her first name means “Wave” in Hebrew. Gal will be the first non-American actress to play Wonder Woman

Henry Cavill – Superman in Justice League, the role when originally played, in 2013, brought him international fame. But if he wasn’t acting, he’d join special forces. Surely Gal and Henry had lots to talk about. Plus he’s also a first non-American actor to play Superman. Cavill owns a production company Rex Glensy, likes rugby, cares for animals and their preservation, and is an Ambassador of Durrell Wildlife Park.

Amber Heard – Mera in Justice League, is an american actress with a breakthrough performance in “Pineapple Experess”. She dropped our of school and went to New York to pursue modeling, and then, relocated to LA for acting. Amber has Yorkies that caused her some trouble when trying to take the dogs to Australia. As for the choices in movies, she said: “I’m looking to find good stories, not big commercial piece of work”.

Ben Affleck – Batman in Justice League, wanted to act since he was a kid. His first acting was in Burger King commercial. Him, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck went to New York when they were teenagers for auditions. Affleck and Damon sold their script “Good Will Hunting” for $600k, starred in it and it brought them international success and an academy award. At 40 years, he’s the oldest actor to play Batman.

Jason Momoa – Aquaman in Justice League, is an american actor who got his big break in a tenth season of 1989 Baywatch. He’s also played “Khal Drogo” in Game of Thrones, and is often cast as a warrior. He owns a production company, likes to rock climb, snowboard and skateboard. Jason also spends time studying Buddhism. He likes carbs, but says: “denial is good training for the mind”.

Amy Adams – Louise Lane in Justice League, started her career as a dancer. Popular and big movies like Cruel Intentions or Catch Me If You Can, didn’t bring her fame. But low-budget film – Junebug, got her Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She’s one of seven children and her brother Eddie works for TMZ, Amy is best friends with Emily Blunt and has loved road trips since childhood. (Out of Africa soundtracK)

Jesse Eisenberg – Lex Luther in Justice League, got his big break in the movie Social Network. He performed since age 10 in children’s theater. He is the first actor to play Lex Luther who’s younger than actor who’s playing Batman. Jesse says Woody Allen has a big influence on him. When playing “bad guys” he still finds a way to like a character and sympathise with him. He loves puzzles and games. Surely he enjoyed portraying a con-artist character in the movie Now You See Me.

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