Katy Perry Gets Naked For Change: WATCH Video

Katy Perry gets naked for a video that will help change the world. Katy Perry teases internet viewers with her body to promote the importance of voting.

It all started yesterday when she posted a still image of the video to twitter. The image had Katy Perry’s censored body with the text “Katy Perry Votes Naked Tomorrow” and was captioned,


Yesterday was also the historical Presidental Debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Katy Perry makes it no secret that she will be voting for Hilary Clinton. Not only did Katy Perry perform for Hilary Clinton at the most recent Democratic National Convention, but her Twitter is filled with nothing but support and admiration for Hilary. Therefore, Katy took advantage of this event to post the image of her naked body to become click bait for internet users.

The video began with Katy Perry getting up in the morning on election day and looking her absolute worse. Her hair was unbrushed, makeup smudged, and had popcorn and a lollipop in her hair. She stated that people can now go to vote in whatever state they woke up in and for Katy that is her birthday suit. Then she quickly ripped off her patriotic pajamas and the black censor bars popped up.

Katy Perry also stated on Twitter that she has many concerns on the improvement of National security, gun control, police reform, excess incarceration, mental illness, and women’s rights in the United States. Although women’s rights is the one concern that Katy Perry is really interested in improving. Katy used her naked body as click bait for viewers to understand the importance of both women’s rights and voting for 2016 elections.

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