Kim Kardashian Attacked & Wants to Sue a Man

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly gearing up to take legal action against the Paris man who went in for much more than a hug this week.

Word is Kardashian is getting her legal team involved after Vitalii Sediuk literally kissed her butt when the reality star was walking the streets of the City of Light, TMZ reported Wednesday.

She also wants to file a restraining order against Sediuk, who was said to have assaulted Gigi Hadid just last week. In that instance, he smacked the supermodel’s butt. Kardashian reportedly believes that it won’t be the last time Sediuk goes too far unless he is punished.

Still, his moment with Kardashian was caught on tape. In the clip obtained by TMZ, Kardashian walks threw a crowd of paparazzi when the man walks up and kisses her. She is clearly shocked as she starts to walk away faster and her security team tries to get a hold of Sediuk.


Despite Sediuk getting far enough to assault Kardashian, she seems pleased with her bodyguard.



Plus both Gigi and Kim are saying that just because they are famous, doesn’t make them targets. Well, it kind of does.

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