Leonardo DiCaprio Climate Change Movie ‘Before The Flood’

Leonardo DiCaprio spoke in front of the General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York to raise awareness about global warming and showing the clip of the film – “Before the Flood”.

DiCaprio is know to be involved with non-profits to raise awareness about the environmental change and saving the planet. When addressing the General Assembly on Saturday, September 17th, he spoke about the upcoming film “Before The Flood”. The film was created to raise awareness about the climate change.

Oscar winner showed a clip of the movie and talked about the ‘unimaginable human-caused devastation across our planet’. DiCaprio also spoke about how we can still save the planet if only we start acting now.

‘Go forward in the struggle for peace with passion and compassion,’ he said.
‘The future of this world is in your hands … You can do well in this life if you do good. Love your family first. Take care of your body and mind. And use God’s given talent to make a difference.’

The film ‘Before The Flood’ will be released on October 21st on National Geographic channel.

Other celebrities like Michael Douglas, Stevie Wonder, Jane Goodall, Amal Clooney, Japanese violinist Midori and others also spoke at the UN in New York ahead of International Day of Peace.

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