Highest Paid TV Actors According to Variety Magazine

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Mad Men, Game of Thrones are among some of the series that has changed television forever. Thanks to new ways to binge-watch our favorite shows, we are now in the midst of the peak era of TV.

This means that the sought after stars taking over the small screen are making crazy amounts of moolah. Variety conducted an industry survey to offer a glimpse into TV’s top earners in primetime, daytime, late night talk shows, and news hosts. The extensive research included actors, managers, and various industry insiders. Their list does not include the talent’s other endeavors, you’ll see the per episode or per year earnings.

Comedy Series:

  1. The starring cast of Big Band Theory, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki top the list with $1,000,000/per episode.
  2. Dwayne Johnson comes in next earning $400,00 each episode for HBO’s Ballers.
  3. The next three are all starring in upcoming Netflix series. Drew Barrymore earning $350,000 for Santa Clarita Diet
  4. Same for Emma Stone and Jonah Hill for Maniac – $350,000
  5. Following them is the principal cast of The Simpsons earning $315,000 for each episode of the long-running animated hit.
  6. T.V. veterans like Patricia Heaton, Jeffrey Tambor, and Julia Luis Dreyfus also made the cut. View the rest of the list of highest paid TV stars here.
  7. Streaming giant, Netflix tops the drama list as well. It is no secret that the reboot and originals have been one of their best releases. Let the nostalgia set in, Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham earn a whopping $750,000/per episode for the Gilmore Girls reboot.
  8. Coming in third  and fourth, Mark Harmon, star of long-running CBS drama NCIS.
  9. Kevin Spacey for Netflix’s House of Cards.
  10. The Game of Thrones starring cast each make $500,000 per episode as well.
  11. Mariska Hargitay, Clare Danes, Ellen Pompeo, and Hugh Laurie for Law & Order SVU, Homeland, Grey’s Anatonmy and new Hulu series, Chance. View the the rest of the list here.




This lane will continue to prosper. Did your favorite talent make the cut?

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