That’s So Raven Is Coming Back To Disney In New Spinoff

Disney announced Thursday that they are currently working with Raven Symoné on her new That’s So Raven spinoff series.

Betcha didn’t see that in your future huh?

Symoné intends for the show to reach out to today’s audience–but obviously old-school Disney lovers will be ALL up on this too. ~All the feels~

The 30-year-old co-host on ABC’s The View, will be stepping down later this year.

Symoné’s vision (haha get it?) for the reboot will focus on Raven Baxter as a newly divorced mother of two preteens–one of which inherited her ability to see gaze into the future.

“We now have our eyes on the future with her,” said Adam Bonnett, executive vice president, original programming, Disney Channels Worldwide. “We’re looking forward to telling more stories for a new generation with an adult Raven Baxter raising her young family.”

Oh snap!

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