Jeremy Renner Wants a Hawkeye Netflix Series

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While sitting down with IGN promoting his new sci-fi drama Arrival, Jeremy Renner briefly talked about the possibility of a Netflix series starring his character. As anyone who is an avid fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is aware, Hawkeye is the only Avenger other than Black Widow to not get his own spinoff film. This is unfortunate; as he has not been given ample screen time to flesh out his character like the other members of the team have.

Sure, this was slightly rectified in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Hawkeye was not only crucial to the plot, but also a funny and endearing character, redeeming his appearance in the first Avengers where he was little more than a mind controlled drone with arrows until the third act of the movie. Though Marvel Studios has not as of yet proposed this to him, he is apparently game to do it:

“I don’t know the practicality of that, but I always love, any of these characters that I play, I love to dig into them more,” Renner said. “I never feel like I get enough time with any of the characters I play, and that’s one of them.”

Getty Images | David Crotty
Getty Images | David Crotty

Since the current slate of films jam-packed, and seeing how the gritty, street-level Netflix arm of the MCU has been so successful, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give on of the more vulnerable Avengers a chance to shine in an environment that makes more sense for a solo venture. Because let’s be honest, without his laser shooting, hammer wielding, and rage monster super friends, how is Hawkeye supposed to take on aliens and/or robots and whatever crazy nemesis Marvel can dig out of it’s vast treasure trove of comics.

I honestly hope this idea comes to fruition, as Hawkeye surprised me in The Avengers by how cool and surprisingly capable he turned out to be, even with his nerfed screen time. Fingers crossed that Marvel at least considers it.

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