Keira Knightley is the Cover Star for Harper’s Bazaar

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Now being the December cover star on Harper’s Bazaar, actress and Broadway star Keira Knightley is honored with the Theatre Icon award at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year awards ceremony.

keira-knightley-harpersIn her interview for her cover on Harper’s Bazaar, Knightley opens up about gender inequality, childcare and motherhood.

She declares that paternity leave and maternity leave should be equal. A wife and a husband being a team and taking equal time to care for the child is something that Knightley takes seriously. Knightley says, “You need to be a family unit, not just have the guy  there for two weeks and then go back to work trying to figure it out,”.


Childcare and the expense of it is something that astonishes Knightley. It is something that she is grateful to afford. “I’ve become unbelievably aware of that and how lucky I’ve been to be able to afford really good childcare, because otherwise it would be at least four years out of my career,”.

Motherhood has changed Knightley physically and emotionally. She admits that she’s not pressuring herself to lose weight. Her daughter, Edie, is someone that she describes as very energetic. “She is like a ballistic missile. She’s at about a million miles an hour from the second she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep.”


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