Stephen Colbert: ‘This Is Real’

Stephen Colbert shares his remarks on the 2016 Presidential Election and he’s urging you not move to Canada just yet.

Colbert’s Late Show audience, included members who boo’ed at the idea of having Donald Trump as our president-elect, and the Lord himself. Yes, he featured God. God himself, or the general picture of what people believe God to look like, said his piece on the matter. According to God, Hillary was supposed to win. Electoral College just keeps messing with us all.

Colbert even touched on the fact that Canada’s immigration site crashed as the results were coming in and his response, you don’t get to leave when things get tough. We’re all Americans, we have to get through this craziness together, no matter how incredibly ridiculous it may seem.

There were so many great bits in his entire piece, you have to watch for yourself.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s remarks below:

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