The Daily Show: 2016 Election Remarks

‘I know it’s real but my mind can’t accept it.’ 

Trevor Noah pretty much expressed the amount of disbelief we all had watching the election results come in. He definitely did all our emotions justice. We were all surprised given the way Donald Trump has handled the election thus far. However, The Daily Show’s host went on to say that we didn’t have a complete loss that night. Marijuana was a huge winner, 4 states passed the law that made recreational marijuana legal.

His wrap up was the realest of them all because to all of us that still can’t believe this bizarre result, this was needed. We needed someone to express our frustration with the ancient system of electoral college. Hillary Clinton lost by getting more votes. As Trevor Noah put it, ‘once again Donald Trump benefits from a bullish*t college’.

It’s a disaster for our democracy and I’m just quoting our President-elect on this one.

That tweet is actually still up, wow.

Watch Trevor Noah’s remarks for yourself:

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