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THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: Host Jimmy Fallon -- (Photo by: James White/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

With television slowly becoming a thing of the dark ages and, the internet taking over everyones lives, Jimmy Fallon is moving along with the times. You can now catch The Tonight Show host on Snapchat. Yes, you read that right. NBC has partnered with Snapchat for a Tonight Show spinoff. Variety reported that the short series, Fallon, is part of a larger multi-year partnership. It is also set to include similar offshoots from other NBC properties.

The show dropped on snapchat Thursday morning (Nov. 3) and is already making a splash. If you’re not on Snapchat and love the bromance Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have going on, then you’re missing out. Fallon has already brought fans to the platform by making the first episode a duet with friend, Justin Timberlake. “Snapchat Instant Song Challenge”. Check out a clip of the short episode below.

It’ll be live for 48 hours rather than the regular 24, so you still have time to check it out.  Use the snapcode provided by Fallon to subscribe to the series.

Sean Mills, Snapchat’s head of original content, had this to say, “This is the first screen to our audience, so it has to be premium.” He continued, “When we talk to partners, we say, “Assume the audience doesn’t watch television and never will.”” Upcoming episode’s of the show will be a little different from it’s premiere. Mills said, “The next episode of Fallon will probably be something completely different, based on what Jimmy wants to do creatively.”

Rather than make the series similar to The Voice’s daily released shorts on Snapchat, Fallon will take a different approach. Fallon will be uploading episodes only occasionally. The hit show Saturday Night Live is said to be launching their own snapchat series in the near future.

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