What Hillary Clinton Said About Trump Win: Speech

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“I still believe in America and I always will”.

Walking into a roaring room, Hillary Clinton addressed her supporters for the first time after having conceded in the race for presidency. “We love you” shouted her supporters and “I love you all too” said Hillary, seconds before she addressed her crowd. Many listened in as Clinton spoke of her loss, America’s next president, and where we must all go from here. She shared the immense gratitude had for her supporters and above all delivered a message of unity.

“Last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country” declared Clinton and went on to apologize for her loss. She discussed the visible disappointment that many had but stated that “we [all] owe him an open mind and chance to lead”. These results left many distressed and discouraged but both Clinton and President Barack Obama agreed that this is the nature of democracy.  “It is hard, contentious, and noisy, it’s not always inspiring” said Obama in his follow up speech.

Clinton addressed the loss with grace as she thanked friends, family, supporters, and the Obama family, saying “To Barack and Michelle Obama, our country owes you an enormous debt of gratitude for your graceful determined leadership and so do I.”

Both Clinton and Obama shared this message of unity and moving forward. The two had one message to share to young voters, to “never stop believing fighting for what’s right is worth it”. As champions for change, both politicians encouraged young voters to not grow “cynical” as Obama said, but rather to be united in the desire for change. A powerful message given the outcome. America has never seemed more divided but this should not discourage anyone. Clinton stating that Americans should continue to do all we can to advance the causes and values that are important to us.

Having also referenced that her campaign was an attempt to demonstrate that “the American dream is big enough for everyone: For people of all races and religions, for men and women, for immigrants, for LGBT people and people with disabilities. For everyone.”

She ended, “I am incredibly honored and grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you in this consequential election. May God bless you and god bless the United States of America.”

Watch the full speech here:

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