Who is Mike Pence? All You Must Know

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Newly elected Vice President Mike Pence is no stranger when it comes to politics. According to the Mirror, Mike spent 13 years on Capitol Hill and was elected Governor of Indiana back in 2012.

However, in July, Mike Pence quit his bid for re-election to join Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency. Now since President Elect Donald Trump has no political experience under his belt, numerous of people are scared that Pence will persuade Trump in his decision making when it comes to our country. And unfortunately that’s what scares people the most.

Getty Images | Spencer Platt
Getty Images | Spencer Platt

For instance, Mike Pence doesn’t think the LGBTQ community should have the right to get married since he did back numerous requests to get rid of same-sex marriage. In addition to that, he signed a law making it even more complicated for some women to get an abortion.

So what exactly are we to expect for the next four years? If this is Donald Trump’s way of “Making America Great Again” well a lot of Americans won’t be satisfied.

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