New Futuristic Airplane Could Transport From UK to US in Minutes

The new Antipode plane could transport patrons from country to country within minutes.

Just imagine you could be at some of the places that you want to check off on your bucket list not in hours, but in a matter of minutes (yes I said MINUTES). The invention of the new Antipode plane could make this happen, and it could be a reality for us in the near future.  There have been reports that this place can transport passengers from London to the United States in about twenty minutes.


The mastermind behind this innovative invention is Canadian designer Charles Bombardier. His secret for his concept of supersonic speeds is “long penetration mode” that would channel more air speed through a nozzle on the airplane’s nose. This concept can lead to the place travelling at approximately 18.264 miles per hour, which is about 10 times faster than a commercial plane.


The Antipode plane flies at 40,000 feet, which is the same as the commercial planes that we usually fly. BUT, there is a catch. Seats on this new place could be very expensive and the plane can seat up to about only ten people. So, this is what the future looks like and it looks bright.


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