Dakota Access Pipeline Easement Denied

“Let’s keep fighting, let’s keep moving forward”

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“In honor of our future generations, we fight this pipeline to protect our water, our sacred places, and all living beings”,

If you haven’t heard already, huge news happened this weekend as Standing Rock protestors got an incredible win Sunday.

President Barak Obama halted the project of the Dakota Access Pipeline. As the news came in, waves of celebration were seen throughout Standing Rock. The New York Times uploaded a beautiful sight of a 360 video which takes viewers inside a drum circle that marked the event.

Many took to social media to celebrate as well. Celebrities, among others, could not hold back their excitement:

The rebirth of a Nation. #standingrock #Thanksgiving #wopila

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denial of the easement got me like! #NoDAPL

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While celebrations continue protestors grow weary of what may come. Their biggest worries are our president-elect Donald Trump and the fact that only hours after news hit, the company which is financing the project went on to say that they plan to, “complete the construction of the pipeline”. They continued, “nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.”

President-elect Donald Trump’s previous comments do not ease, as he was in favor of the project. Some fear he will overturn the halt and continue with the project as planned.

Already, people are suggesting the fight is far from over.

While the fight may continue, the Sioux Tribe and several others will continue to rightly celebrate this incredible win.

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