Donald Trump: Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

What are they really trying to say?

Donald Trump has been named Time’s, ‘Person of the Year’.

News of this award has many speculating what Time is actually trying to convey by giving this somewhat prestigious honor to President-elect Trump. Is it a sign of support, sarcasm, or simply staying true to what Time would find to be,’ Person of the Year’ material. Read the article and decide for yourself.

This title is given to, “the person who most affected the events of the year, for better or for worse”, according to Time’s own definition.

So for worse, am I right? I mean just take a look at the type of year the man has had. He headed an egregious campaign which only served to highlight the divides within America, is making some interesting choices for his cabinet, and has caused the media and millions everywhere to idly sit in a state of confusion. Time’s title even serves as way to put things in perspective, ‘Donald Trump: President of the Divided States’.

Well, if you’re a Trump supporter chances are you don’t exactly see it that way. Supporters will take this news in strides as they will likely see this as another win for their leader.

He definitely seemed like the most talked about person in 2016. What a year, what a Time.

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