Kanye West 911 Call: Has Kanye Gone Crazy?

Getty Images | James Devaney

Kanye West, 39, was apparently behaving extremely erratically, and his doctor was ordered to keep the rapper away from weapons during the original 911 call placed on Nov. 21. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE

Getty Images | Kevin Winter
Getty Images | Kevin Winter
Getty Images | starzfly/ Bauer - Griffin
Getty Images | starzfly/ Bauer – Griffin

“Make sure there are no weapons where he can grab them,” the dispatcher tells Kanye’s physician Dr. Michael Farzam on the phone. You can hear the doctor reassure the dispatcher that there aren’t any weapons near their position in Kanye’s trainer’s home. It has been reported by numerous outlets that Kanye was experiencing “temporary psychosis” due to sleep deprivation and dehydration, and it resulted in a breakdown.

As Kanye was reportedly handcuffed to a stretcher before he was transported to the UCLA Medical Center. He then allegedly suffered from “extreme paranoia”, according to various reports, and even refused to let the doctors touch him at first. Fortunately, he has since recovered enough to be discharged, and he reportedly went home on Nov. 30 after an eight-day stay.

Thankfully his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, 35, stood by his side throughout his entire stay at the hospital. She was even seen entering the UCLA hospital on November 30, the day Kanye was discharged.

Getty Images | XPX/Star Max
Getty Images | XPX/Star Max

All we can do is keep the family in our prayers and hope Kanye gets the help he needs. Stay strong West family.

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