Meet Leandra Medine: the Man Repeller

Blogger Leandra Medine talks about her launch and her success of her blog, the Man Repeller and her future plans about her blog and other possible opportunities.

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The Business of Fashion recently caught up with Leandra Medine, who launched a blog with a quirky concept entitled, The Man Repeller.


Medine was then a journalism student when she launched her blog in April of 2010.

The concept came to her one day when she was with a close friend trying on clothes at a Topshop. Medine recounts her man repelling before her blog was born. “Man repelling was something that we had already uncovered and been talking about. We’d go to Topshop and I’d try something on and she’d be like, ’That’s really man repelling,’ and I’d be like, ‘I know, it’s great.’ That day, I thought, ‘This is a brilliant blog idea.’”

There are numerous blogs out there but Medine’s concept, self branding and blog stand out for so many reasons.

Medine has a unique sense of humor. What sets her apart is her knowledge of high fashion trends but using her own comedic style that will make readers laugh out loud. “I think what’s so interesting for people is that I don’t take it so seriously and yet I am still immersed in the [fashion] industry,” she says.

Aside from her humor, she has a serious and savvy side, which is shown in her work in not only creating the concept of the Man Repeller, but putting the work and effort in displaying the image and brand she wanted everyone to see. Medine says, “But it’s what I’ve done with the site that has enabled me to walk through that door. Execution is almost everything.”

Years later, Medine reaches millions of views on her posts each month and has ventured out from the blogosphere as well.

In September 2013, Medine landed a book deal. Her book has semi-autobiographical essays that link a specific outfit to a specific moment in her life. “It’s based on the notion that the female memory is so driven by fashion,” she explains. “I can tell you exactly what I was wearing when I met my husband, when he first broke up with me, when we got back together.”

Along with her book deal and her continuously growing blog, collaborations with major fashion brands have occurred as well. Three days after her launch of the Man Repeller, Refinery29 mentioned her blog to create awareness. Since then, Medine has collaborated with brands like Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman and Saks Fifth Avenue.

To help capitalize her blogging opportunities, Medine signed a contract with the Creative Artists Agency, a top entertainment industry talent agency.

Presently, Medine is focusing on her editorial voice, strengthening her blog and staying independent. Medine says, “My big push is turning Man Repeller into a major destination,” she explains. “I want to start producing big stories that are interesting, funny, compelling narratives from smart women,” she continues. “What I’m hoping to do is start hiring writers who can share that point of view. I’m going to do it slow and steady.”

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