SNL: Casey Affleck Hosts with Musical Guest Chance the Rapper

Scroll down for promo video.

This week’s SNL is a must watch episode. Casey Affleck hosts with musical guest, Chance the Rapper.

If for whatever reason you’re living under a rock or your cell service just isn’t cutting it, you’ve yet to hear the huge successes these two have had in the last few weeks. Chance the Rapper made Grammy history by obtaining seven Grammy award nominations with his streaming-only project/mixtape. He continues to hold nominations and has obtained numerous awards.

 Casey Affleck starred in ‘Manchester By The Sea’ which has already become a hit. Affleck has already won the Critics Choice Award for Best Actor for his role in the film. ‘Manchester By The Sea’ has also snagged five golden globe nominations and is said to be a favorite for the Oscars.

So with all this success in one room, why miss this weeks Saturday Night Live? If you’re questioning their comedic talents their promo video speaks for itself.


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