The OA Netflix Review: Best Twitter Reactions

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First “Stranger Things” and now Netflix has provided their audiences with a new mysterious drama called “The OA”. The OA premiered this Friday and there are some diverse opinions about the show.

Tv Critic, Sonia Saraiya, believes “The OA” is just a disappointment. In the Variety article “TV Review: Netflix’s “The OA” Saraiya states:

It is hard to take “The OA Seriously”

Saraiya continues her reasoning in believing the show’s failure as mysterious drama. She believes audiences are constantly trying to figure out if the scene they are watching is reality or not. Although, Saraiya positively comments:

“None of it makes any sense, but it is captivating anyways”

I turned to Twitter to review a few responses to the show’s premiere. It seems Twitter has a different opinion about the show. Many people enjoy the diversity the show provides a cast with POC and a trans character.

Here are some responses on Twitter with the hashtag #TheOA

Have you started watching the series OA? What’s your opinion of the show?

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