Update: Margot Robbie Confirms Secret Wedding

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Margot Robbie confirms the wedding rumors by posted to her Instagram of a picture of her wedding ring while kissing her new husband Tom Ackerley.

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Reports flooded the internet of Margot Robbie and her British film director Tom Ackerley got married this past weekend at Byron Bay, Australia. Robbie turned to her Instagram to confirm. The photo consists of her sticking up her ringer finger to show off her diamond ring and the background is a blurred out image of the newlywed kissing each other.

Robbie wore a long white Bohemian style dress with an elegant belt to accentuate her body shape. She completed the look by styling her long blonde hair in a simple braid. Robbie definitely knows how to keep it casual but with an elegant flare.

The wedding was completely secret and even the guests were left in the dark about the location of the ceremony. reported the ceremony held about 50 invited guests and the festivities started around 4pm and ended at 11pm. The after party was lovely. Guests danced until they could not longer feel their legs.

Here are a few images of the Coorabella at Byron Bay where the festivities took place:

location-1 (courtesy of the Coorabella website)

location-2 (courtesy of the Coorabella website)


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