Alec Baldwin Set To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ For 17th Time

Alec Baldwin has impersonated President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” a few times as a guest- on February 11, he will return for the 17th time as a host.

This gives Baldwin a new record for the most times hosting a show. Ed Sheeran will also be the musical guest for Baldwin’s appearance. Nearly every Baldwin appearance as Trump has drawn criticism from the president himself. We expect to see another response from the avid Twitter user.

Baldwin had offered to stop doing the impersonation if Trump released his tax returns, something Americans are still very confused and concerned about, according to one petition at

However, as of Sunday, Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway (seen as Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live) said Trump will not be releasing his tax returns at all.

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live didn’t have Baldwin impersonating Trump. Instead, Beck Bennett impersonated Vladimir Putin and addressed America and Trump, telling the President, “You’re not off to a great start, man. I thought you’d be better at this!”

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