Ariana Grande Strikes a Nerve with Fans as She Calls Herself the “Hardest Working”

Starlet again proves she’s out of touch and causes rift with fans

A few days ago, fans who follow Ariana Grande on Instagram saw the starlet post yet another posed glamor shot of herself. Dressed to the nines in expensive clothes, hair and makeup done, and playing up the sickly sweet and innocent act, it was just another typical curated professional photo on Grande’s Instagram. It was, until followers read her caption, that is. The singer wrote “when you’re cute but you’re also the hardest working 23 year old on earth #cute #butalso #CEO #unfuckwitable #haventsleptinyears”

Instagram @arianagrande

Needless to say, the post caused a massive amount of backlash for Grande. Compared to her usual number of comments ranging between two-thousand to ten-thousand comments on her photos, this post accumulated almost 25 thousand replies from fellow Instagram users! The majority of the response was, understandably, extremely negative. Most of the ‘hardest working’ individuals don’t have time for endless pampering and photo shoots, because they’re too busy handling life, of course. Is Grande even a CEO of anything in the first place anyway? Well, aside from her own image and brand, but even that is questionable.

Though a number of fans came to the star’s defense, saying it was only a “joke,” most could not find any humor in Grande’s message. One user, @eiteneier, wrote “That caption is a tell all about your attitude towards people that work 2-3 jobs just to get by.” Another, @skylitgomez said, “Ari I love you but some people work just as hard or even harder doing things they don’t enjoy but they have to because they have months to feed.”

Some even validly questioned why she never seems to do anything charitable despite her wealth, with @lorena.private_ saying “If you really wanna be respected for being a hard working 23 year old then help the less fortunate and help the kids that don’t even have any food. Just do some charity work. What do you do with all that money anyway?”

Instagram users @savvy_sam and @beeboisdun put it simply, by stating “When you’re a narcissist, but also delusional and live in your own world.” and “Do you even write your own songs?”

Does Ariana Grande really believe her own words? Just in case she does, user @skandarkeynes_skandarians took the time to post a list of other people who work harder in the comments section, citing “Soldiers, Doctors, Policemen, Scientist[s], Politician[s]…Social Worker[s], Engineer[s], Therapists, Lawyer[s] and many many more [work harder than you]! Yes, sorry Ariana but I doubt that you are the hardest working 23 year old! You sing and dance around on stage.”

It is easy to understand why the star struck a nerve with the public when you take a look at her background and upbringing. Even before she gained fame, Grande led a life of comfort, privilege, and prep schools thanks to her father’s position as CEO of a successful company, Ibi Designs Inc. The business boasts big name past clients such as FAO Schwarz and Eddie Murphy.

Her parents were able to fund the early stages of her career, paying to fly her across the country to meet with managers and making sure she had everything at her fingertips to further her brand. Make no mistake that even if Grande weren’t a popular vocalist, she would still have a pretty cushy bank account of her own. At 15, she started lining her pockets with a role on Broadway, and after moved up to ranking big bucks as the star of two Nickelodeon shows. All the while, Grande was appearing in small roles for movies, televisions, and lent her voice to numerous animated productions.

With all of this considered, it is easy to understand why the starlet has caused such a rift between her and her fans. In today’s world, where it is becoming harder and harder for young people to finance school, find jobs, and secure a suitable career, nothing is as frustrating as hearing someone who has had a leg up credit themselves as being the “hardest working 23 year old on the planet.” For the sake of not only her career, but for the respect of every other working person in the world, let’s hope Ariana Grande will begin to approach her life with less ego and more gratitude.


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