Betty White Turns 95: Twitter Wishes the Star A Happy Birthday!

Twitter wishes actress a Happy Birthday as she spends her birthday preparing for a guest role on TV

Happy Birthday Betty White! The actress turns 95 today and continues to stun us all with her jaw-dropping energy and zest for life. How did she spend her day? Working of course! White spent her day on the set of Young and Hungry doing a read-through to prepare for her upcoming guest spot on the show. It seems like Betty can never stop moving and is always putting even the average twenty-something to shame, always with a smile on her face. Thousands of well-wishers took to Twitter to acknowledge the day and post ‘Happy Birthday’ messages to the sweet starlet.

At first, when users logged on and noticed #BettyWhite was trending, they understandably became a bit worried…

Those who knew it was her birthday marveled at her incredible energy levels, which leave most of us feeling pretty pathetic.

One user joked about her apparent invincibility. Would any of us actually be surprised if she did sign a contract? #boss

Of course there were plenty of tweets humorously commenting on how long 95 years really is…

Even Ellen Degeneres joined in and posted a great clip of all the times Betty has been on her show!

Some took the time to praise the stars beauty throughout the years with photos, and share her words of wisdom.

Most tweets were sweet and playful, just like the actress herself.

And what does Betty have to say about her 95th birthday?

Happy Birthday Betty! Wishing you good health, happiness, and many more years of fun to come!

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