Breathtaking New Beauty and the Beast Posters

Disney seems to have worked its cinematic magic once again! The studio’s classic Beauty and the Beast is coming to life in the animated film’s new live-action reboot, and its better than we ever could have imagined! Producers have just released new posters to promote the film’s upcoming release date on March 17th. The pair of posters are gorgeously captivating and perfectly dreamlike, true to Walt Disney style.

The fairytale’s first poster sees Emma Watson as Belle back to back with Dan Stevens’ Beast and an inlaid photo of the rest of the film’s furniture characters in human form. The supporting cast is certainly a talented one that sees actors Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen, and Stanley Tucci among others.


The second poster is a dreamy image of Belle and Beast’s Iconic ballroom dance together. Emma Watson certainly makes the perfect Belle, as not only is she beautiful, but perfectly captures the heroine’s independence, bravery, intelligence, and grace. This comes as no surprise, as Watson herself is all those things and more.


The posters are definitely doing their job and garnering even more excitement for the film’s highly anticipated release! Hungry for more? Check out the trailer for Beauty and the Beast below!

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