Drew Barrymore Stars As A Zombie In Santa Clarita Diet

The actress pulls in laughs as an everyday wife and mom turned zombie in new comedy.

The entertainment world might understandably be rolling its eyes at the thought of yet another zombie related movie or tv series. Though it may seem tired out, the zombie fascination doesn’t seem to be dissipating, and Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, and Victor Fresco are taking advantage of that. Santa Clarita Diet is a fresh, new Netflix Original series written by Fresco and is being produced by the two stars. The series takes the concept of zombies and adeptly uses it as material for comedy.

After Sheila (Barrymore) mysteriously dies, yet continues her life normally, she develops an insatiable appetite for human flesh. With her husband Joel (Olyphant) and their kids by her side, they attempt to navigate this gory new life together. The juxtaposition of the stereotypical ‘perfect’ suburban life, massive amounts of blood and gore, and bumbling panic of Sheila and Joel is absolutely hysterical. Check out the video below to watch the trailer for Santa Clarita Diet.

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