Elizabeth Hugen Interview: Brings Whimsical Magic To 2017

Blogger @LizzieInLace Creates Looks That can Be from A New Age Fairytale

Fashion Blogger Elizabeth Hugen aka @LizzieInLace has created a platform that inspires fashion enthusiasts, lovers of lace and everyone who enjoys a good taste. Lizzie In Lace was created back in February 2015 as a way for her to share style choices and some of her favorite pieces with people who might be interested. Now with over 61k followers on her Instagram account it is clear that she is reaching people all over the world. Her looks transport you to a land of pure imagination that have been dipped in pink and topped with all things chic.

Three things come to mind when viewing @LizzieInLace :

  1. Lizzie must have an amazing closet that is full of furs, satin’s, and sequins that shine as bright as the stars.
  2. Lizzie knows how to properly  accessorize. Everything compliments each other, and nothing takes away from the individual beauty of a piece.
  3. Lizzie has created an aesthetic that is beautiful to view, and inspiring to anyone who enjoys fashion blogging.

Check out the interview with @LizzieInLace below:

1. What goes through your mind when creating a look?

I think a few things come to mind when creating a look: Where am I going? What am I trying to portray? What am I inspired by? For the majority of my looks, I am inspired by a certain piece (usually an accessory – a necklace, a pair of shoes, a handbag, etc.) and I build my outfit around that.

2. Have you always had a desire to express yourself through your style choices?

YES! Fashion has always been my biggest passion, even from a young age. I had always wanted to be a fashion designer and remember sketching designs on napkins when we’d go out to eat and sewing clothing by hand for my dolls. I’m still chasing this dream, but in a different way 🙂 I also remember the thrill of picking out outfits for high school and noticed that I looked…different than my classmates. Even though I’m quite shy, I have always loved standing out and making a statement in my outfits and just wearing what I love, even if it’s different than what everyone else is wearing.

3. Did you think Lizzie in Lace would get as big as it is when you created it back in 2015?

No way. It was such a huge step for me to even create this blog. It’s a scary thing when you put yourself out there for the world to see, especially for people that you know personally. Not everyone understands what I do and I think this is because society always expects you to have a traditional job and if you don’t, then you’re labeled differently. Personally, traditional careers never stimulated me enough and I always had the yearning for something more creative, but didn’t pursue it because it was against the norm and such a risk financially. I took a leap of faith and have surprisingly gotten a lot of support, mostly from people I don’t even know in person. I thought that my mom and husband would be the only ones reading my blog so it’s mind-boggling that I can share my style with people around the world. When I started blogging, I never thought this would become something I would grow so passionate about. I just wanted to share my outfits, but I’ve gotten so much more in return…a positive community of uplifting women, incredible opportunities and the dream job that I had always been chasing after but never knew existed. The last six months have been insane in terms of growth and influenced my decision to pursue this as a career. I still have a longgg way to go but I am just so thankful for this journey and that I have finally found my true passion.

4. Do you ever feel your creative juices starting to run dry? If so what do you do to get those juices flowing again?

Not often, but yes. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like styling an outfit, shooting photos, editing photos or writing a post. It can be frustrating, but I just take a small break to re-energize. Taking a walk, sitting outside, running a bath and reading are some of my favorite things to do for this purpose. Other times, I will just take a day off completely. Blogging can be very exhausting and is truly a job that never ends so it’s important to take a break. I’ll spend the day reading, watching an old movie, hiking, and playing music with the occasional impromptu road trip. I love that I come back feeling refreshed and motivated!

5. When going through your blog I cannot help but feel like I am in a modern fairytale. Is it your intention to transport your fans to a magical world?

Aw thank you! It was definitely not my intention at first, but I kept hearing this from others as well. All I did was style my outfits and share them lol! Since then, it has become a bit more intentional, especially with my Instagram account. I noticed an overwhelming amount of people saying that they loved looking at my account because they felt like they were being “transported” elsewhere or that they were in a “fairytale.” I worked very hard for the past year on curating an account that I felt truly reflects my personality, my style and my “brand” and is something I am truly proud of. It really just happened naturally as a result of this, but I notice that I am being much more intentional with what I post now. I’m hoping to redesign the blog in the near future to reflect this “essence” as well.

6. Where are some of your favorite places to shop, and what is it about the aesthetic of these places that makes you enjoy your shopping experience?

To be honest, I shop mainly online. Some of my favorite stores are Asos, Zara, Chicwish, Nordstrom, and Kate Spade. I also have a soft spot for the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s. My absolute favorite store to shop at in person is Anthropologie. I actually don’t live near one, but I make it a point to visit when I’m out of town. Anthro is a master of transforming a seemingly normal shop into a beautifully designed masterpiece that really does resemble a fairytale. As an artist, I am enthralled with their displays and the overall vibe from the store. It’s a bit pricey so I try to stick to the sale racks, but the thing I love most is the overall environment.

7. I am sure you have an overwhelming amount of beautiful pieces. Would you be able to share 3 of your favorites with us?

Holy moly, I have SO many favorite pieces. This is tough! My first one is not something I’ve worn on the blog…it’s my wedding gown. It was an absolutely stunning mermaid fit strapless gown with all over lace and floral applique (3d flowers) with hints of blush. I’m still so in love with it and everything it stands for. The second piece would probably be my white faux fur coat that I am constantly wearing on the blog and on Instagram. It goes with everything and looks amazing! The third would be a tie between the blush pink “princess” lace dress that I wore to the Moulin Rouge show in Paris this past August and the quilted Tory Burch bag that I saved up forever for. Both pieces mean a lot to me for different reasons.

8. On your blog you also share that you enjoy writing music. Does writing music come natural for you, or is it something you constantly have to work at?

I have always been super artistic, whether that’s drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, crafting, etc so playing music came quite naturally. I am a completely self taught musician and started playing guitar 15 years ago. What most people don’t know is that I actually started off playing piano. My mom plays and I used to watch her and mimic what she was doing. I played by ear and wrote my own music. I also remember making a “guitar” out of a shoe-box and rubber bands. When I first asked my parents about taking up guitar, they weren’t too keen on the idea because musical instruments are expensive. They bought me a cheap First Act mini guitar and I would practice for literally 6+ hours a day after school. Within 6 months, I was playing really advanced solos so I got my first electric guitar. A few years later, I decided that it was probably time to buy an acoustic and learn how to play chords (because when I started playing, I only wanted to play classic rock solos lol!). Shortly after, I began teaching guitar and the rest is history. 🙂

9. Do you ever find yourself giving friends styling tips on how to spice up a look?

Yes! I don’t usually give them unsolicited advice but when they ask (which is fairly often), I enjoy giving them tips on how to style certain things. My mom is usually the one that always asks for advice. I love helping her style outfits and cleaning out her closet!

10. Is your home as whimsical as your outfits are?

We just moved a few months ago so everything is still a work in progress. I have a ton of ideas though and I am so excited for the decorating process! The two bedrooms are almost completed though and definitely have the same whimsical elements as my wardrobe. I have an antique bedroom set in the master that was handed down but I wasn’t crazy about the color so I painted everything white. I also have my make-up vanity, a jewelry wall and an accessories cabinet in there. It’s definitely very feminine, light and airy! I have almost finished the second bedroom that houses my mini art studio, music equipment, partial closet and home office. I have just painted everything white (of course) and have touches of gold, grey, mint and pink scattered throughout. This room also includes my shoe rack, a storage cube where I keep purses and jewelry and a wooden clothing rack. I am still on the hunt for the perfect office chair haha!

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